While I love my ArchBox, which I have finally successfully shifted on my USB HDD , I have been playing with gentoo for a while now. I dare not install gentoo in my Test Box or USB drives, I had to install it as my main OS , ie. on internal HDD. Well, I did use Gentoo about 3years back, didn’t use it more than a few days after install, but now I am simply loving it. The thing with gentoo is that, DO NOT TRY TO COMPILE GNOME OR KDE! Use a lightweight DE/WM, like XFCE or LXDE or Openbox, etc etc. Kdebase-meta itself takes around six-seven hours if you’re building from scratch [in my case from stage 3]. And Gnome has poor support in Gentoo! E.g- Just check out the Gnome system tools package, it has been hard masked and the devs won’t bother to pick up the project. Gnome has always been neglected!

If you have a super fast computer, or you are using distcc then definitely go for KDE4.3 . Make sure to set ~x86

#echo “ACCEPT_KEYWORDS=\”~x86″\”>> /etc/make.conf

Anyways, I am presently using LXDE with Gentoo, and it’s damn fast! Light and smooth like feather. Just upgraded to OpenRC and loving it. If you’re up for it definitely try out Gentoo!

Gentoo Linux

Gentoo Linux