Hello slackers,
You have been waiting for this for a long time indeed. KDE 4.3.2 is even better than 4.2.4 in looks and functionality. I have tested this myself, and it is quite stable. If you have installed vbatts packages then you might have to reinstall these. A note from vbatts himself [LQ forums]:

if anyone downloaded the 4.3.2 packages before the BUILD tag included “_vb”, then you may need to reinstall the kde packages (including oxygen-icons, soprano, PyQt, sip, akonadi, ktorrent, skanlite)
either using “slackpkg reinstall” or download the new packages from -current and “upgradepkg –install-new –reinstall”

You will find the respective Changelogs here. In my Slackware [32bit] the packages work great. No issues so far. Hope they work for you as well.