I just wanted to share this with my readers, specially for those poor souls who suffered a huge deal due to ubuntu’s karmic kick and made them look like helpless koalas jumping from one branch to other in search of peace.
Well, welcome to the GNU/Linux world. If stuff don’t work for you, then you can do two things:

1. Try and fix them.
2. Trash it, and use something that works.

You have been trying the 1st option, let me suggest you the 2nd. I recommend Mandriva 2010 as well as openSuSE 11.2 which will be out in 2 hours from now. I have personally used mandriva 2010 and haven’t found any issues. Xorg works great out of the box and nvidia driver can be easily installed. Mandriva also has a huge repository plus the unofficial ones to meet all your needs.
OpenSUSE is also one tough chameleon. You should check it out. Beautiful installer backed by a great desktop theme. So drop that buntu and come play in the wild. I will be trying out openSUSE in a few hours. You should too. 😀

I just thought it would help a lot of buntu followers who were heart-broken after this 9.10 mishap. Mandriva and OpenSUSE are seriously under-rated and pushed aside compared to ubuntu. If they try openSUSE and mandriva then they will realise that Linux != ubuntu. There are other options. Not everyone can use slackware or Arch or gentoo due to various reasons,being lack of time or interests. OpenSUSE, Mandriva, can seriously save them a lot of troubles and save us from a lot of trouble of trying to fix-buntu issues. Just look at the sheer number of posts that has popped up lately in ubuntu forums, “ubuntu has no xorg.conf file” , ” I can’t see my desktop.”, “net doesn’t connect” etc.
I think openSUSE is disliked by many GNU/Linux lovers [due to Novell’s infamous MS deal] and Mandriva has made some very lousy management decisions in the past, which gave Canonical a huge opportunity to bring buntu to where it is today. However, that shouldn’t bother you as an end-user. Fanboyism has gotta stop! If only new Linux users realised this truth , they would dump that bloated distribution and go pick up something better that offers everything and much more in a better way. It is just lack of information coupled with “oh my god, i won’t be able to understand how to use another new linux distro, I’ll just stick to my buntu,” mentality that’s been undermining these distros and making more room for Canonical to grow.
That is neither good nor productive in FOSS world. Competition accelerates development.

EDIT: And it’s OUT!

For download info check out my post in the LQ forum.