ArchBang LIVE CD v1.04
md5sum: c80adb60e0254cc097309f75481cf5b7
ArchBang LIVE CD v1.04 64 bit
md5sum: 09a2eaf8b09f0cbda30395beda547587

ArchBang 1.04 is out in the wild both 32bit & 64bit versions!
Please check your ISO’s md5sum
-We went “lite mode” by stripping off packages so the iso just 445MB [x86] and 464MB [x64].

-Floppy disabled in modules

-USB delay changed from 5 to 8
-Chromium instead of Firefox
-New look
-Added Centerim & irssi & catfish
-leafpad instead of gedit

ENJOYYYYYYYYY and give us your feedback!

For the next releases:
-An installer
-Your comments will help us see what else could be improved

And there’s now a wiki entry.