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Download: 64Bit [484Mb]


Download: 32Bit [487Mb]


We have been working on this for weeks now! Both I and Will were busy irl with various issues,from acads to social events. So we apologize for the delay.

What changes:

Please note that we would like to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU to everyone for their wonderful suggestions and feedbacks which is reflected in this release. While we try to consider everyone’s suggestions, sometimes they conflict with each other’s opinion! [like chromium and firefox 😛 ] Anyway, here are a few changes off the top of my head:

– Copy2RAM, persistence added 😉

– Chromium replaced by Firefox

Reasons: a) Namoroka rulez! b)arch-firefox-search c) No ootb issues with xcompmgr

– xorg-video-drivers added to cover a wide range of video cards! Nvidia users, do not worry, we won’t force you to use the “nv” driver, we have also added nvidia driver which will ask for your confirmation at the boot time.

– xfce4-power-manager and vattery applet added.

– wicd, netcfg and wvdial added by request!

– weechat replaces irssi

– rtorrent and searchmonkey back!

– xpdf & abiword added

What stays:

– thunar, even though there have been countless suggestions for pcmanfm, we found it pretty useless and annoying. Don’t even get me started!

– packer, no bauerbill, sorry Xyne! Someday when I personally try out bauerbill,maybe I’ll consider it.

Hopefully, this release will be super-awesome as our main objective was to bring out a release with a finishing touch to ArchBang 1.xx series, incorporating all the good suggestions and feedbacks we received and trying to address all the past issues. We have started working on an installer and it works in vbox!  No real testing made yet! Since this involves your hard disks and partitions and important data , we don’t wanna rush and fry up your hard disks and ours in the process! Lol! 😛

Hope you will be enjoying this release.


Please run this before upgrading your system, will be fixed in future:

sed -e 'N;$!P;$!D;$d' /etc/pacman.conf > temp ; sed -e 'N;$!P;$!D;$d' temp > temp ; sudo mv temp /etc/pacman.conf

Or just comment out custom repo from  /etc/pacman.conf


sHy [aka PDG]