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ArchBang shifts to LXDE and other Changes

A bunch of changes have taken place in the last few days.

ArchBang is now Arch Linux + LXDE. We feel that LXDE is more appropriate and provides a wholesome lightweight desktop environment with much more functionalities than plain openbox.

Recently Gitorious failed on me and I had to move all the codes to Github. So our new ArchBang Git repo is now in:

Now this blog can be accessed using:


2010.06- apeiro -Testing



Mirrors/torrents are welcome!
Currently the website is having issues so couldn’t update there.

Enjoy this release!

[Development] ArchBang 2010.09 – “apeiro”

ArchBang will now have a codename for each of it’s stable releases. We will also ask our user’s to suggest us names. It will start from A-Z then repeat. The first stable ArchBang release will be on 2010.09 ,i.e. in September 2010. It will be called “apeiro” after Judd Vinet the “Arch Daddy”.

Will announced it here:

In other news, our latest GIT development is quite amusing. It works great and is quite fast and stable. We have changed massively from 2010.05! If you want you can build your own ISO from GIT or wait till 2nd June for 2010.06 – Monthly GIT build.



[testing] Build your own ArchBang and help us with Testing!

ArchBang logo by Zwopper

Check out the tutorial posted by MikeT here.

This will help save your time downloading each build and save our bandwidth as well. You can report bugs in the bugtracker. Also you can join us in the forum and give us your feedback and suggestions!



[news] ArchBang 2.01 Alpha1

ArchBang 2.00 has been scrapped. We found a few annoying bugs like Grub takes 30minutes to install and a lot of internal config errors. Clearly the testing is not being carried out seriously. Most of the work I still am doing myself sadly, but hopefully others will contribute more. We need testers who can report bugs in

You can find the ArchBang 2.01 Alpha1 here.

Major changes: Grub2 replaces grub-legacy and firefox instead of chromium. Also slim is added.

Test and report. 😉



[release] ArchBang 2.00 RC2

ArchBang 2.00 RC1 => RC2 has undergone massive changes. Not only in looks but also what’s under the hood. Hopefully you will enjoy this release more than ever. 😉

Download info:

List of Changes:

Release Notes:


ArchBang 2.00 RC2


sHy [PDG]

We are on twitter!

Follow us on ArchBang twitter page:

Also join our forum to chat or if you need any support:

Just noticed today that ArchBang was recently submitted to Distrowatch by someone. They have a minimum waiting period of 3months before a distro is considered for addition to their main list. Hence, I guess we’ll have to wait. 🙂