Anne Nicolas has announced the final release of Mandriva Linux 2010 codenamed Adelie. Read about it here.

A little info from [1]Mandriva Wiki.

Mandriva Linux 2010 Release Tour

Mandriva Linux 2010 is one of the most innovative and one step beyond releases ever of Mandriva Linux, the leader in innovative and easy-to-use desktop Linux.

It brings you KDE 4.3 as the default KDE desktop. This major new release of KDE further enhances the KDE desktop experience. Other major new software versions include GNOME 2.28, 3.1.1 and Mozilla Firefox 3.5. Mandriva 2010 is using the 2.6.31 Linux Kernel, with the usual assortment of patches by the excellent Mandriva Kernel Team to make sure it’s tailored to the distro.

As always, Mandriva Linux 2010’s hardware compatibility is second to none. As well as conventional systems, it boasts excellent support for a wide range of netbooks, including all currently available Asus Eee PC models, the Acer Aspire One, the MSI Wind, and others.

You can download the Mandriva Linux 2010 One Live CD or the Free DVD from here . You can also buy the boxed PowerPack edition or purchase the PowerPack subscription from the Mandriva Store.

Read [2]Release Notes.