SUSE Studio provides you with a set of applications and a SUSE base to build your own customized distribution. Visit this site for more info.

You will need an invitation to use the site. TIP: When requesting an invitation from that site, write the part “Any other comments?” properly, stating clearly why you want to use SUSE studio. You may get the invite in a few hours, a day or two or a week or two.

Recently I asked them about when openSUSE 11.2, which was released 2 weeks ago, will be available as base and here’s what they said:

Feedback from sHyLoCk <>:
> Hello,
> when will the 11.2 base be available? An estimation will also help.
> Thanks

Their reply:

We’re working hard on getting 11.2 support, even right now this very moment. We want to make sure everything works well, and that there aren’t new bugs introduced in the transition, so we’re testing it heavily now and hope to have it released soon.

Don’t hold us to this really rough estimate (as odd, unforseen bugs might just happen show up in our testing cycles), but we *hope* to have it out in the next week or two.

Also, we’re planning on having a migration feature which may or may not arrive at the same time. (Hopfully it will.) Regardless, any openSUSE 11.1 appliance you build today in SUSE Studio should be able to easily migrated to openSUSE 11.2. Hopefully knowing this will make the wait a little more bearable. (:


So, I guess we will have to wait a few more weeks until it’s out.