Hello all! I’m writing this guide purely out of experience and whatever I have come across didn’t help at all! Their forum is friendly but not really useful. So I had to get my own workaround. If you are using Fedora for a while now and do yum updates regularly you will notice that kernel upgrades are pretty frequent. If you have Nvidia card then you must have added the rpmfusion repo and installed kmod-nvidia or akmod-nvidia. After I ran:

yum update

and rebooted into my fresh new kernel, dang! NO X! I started googling out of frustration and even searched their official forum. Only to be disappointed as I found they were suggesting the akmod-nvidia instead of kmod which builds your nvidia modules with every kernel upgrades automatically. So I tried that! Didn’t help at all! So I did:

yum erase kmod-* && yum erase akmod-*

then I went to: Nvidia and selected my Card and downloaded the .run driver file and saved it in my ~/ [home folder!]



Next in a terminal as root typed:

yum install kernel-devel

Now you can not build the kernel modules whilst in X so I rebooted. In the boot menu press “e” to edit the boot parameter and again press “e” to edit the kernel parameter. remove “quiet” and add “3” after ro  and at the end “verbose”. So it should become “ro 3 rhgb verbose”. Now press enter and then “b”.

After the booting is done you will be presented with a console login. Type in your username and password. Then:

sh ~/Nvidia…[press tab for auto-completion!].run

Now the setup should start, accept the license and proceed!After that:

rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf && nvidia-xconfig

nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf

And add at the end the following [if not already present! Mine wasn’t!]

Section “Extensions”

Option    “Compositing”    “Enable”


Then reboot and your X should be waiting for you. 😉