[release] ArchBang 2.00 RC2

ArchBang 2.00 RC1 => RC2 has undergone massive changes. Not only in looks but also what’s under the hood. Hopefully you will enjoy this release more than ever. 😉

Download info: archbang.org

List of Changes: http://archbang.org/Main/Changelog

Release Notes: http://archbang.org/Main/ReleaseNotes


ArchBang 2.00 RC2


sHy [PDG]


We are on twitter!

Follow us on ArchBang twitter page: https://twitter.com/archbang

Also join our forum to chat or if you need any support: http://archbang.x.am

Just noticed today that ArchBang was recently submitted to Distrowatch by someone. They have a minimum waiting period of 3months before a distro is considered for addition to their main list. Hence, I guess we’ll have to wait. 🙂



[notice] ArchBang website is now online!

Wow! Can you believe it? ArchBang website? Really? Thanks to Will and Mike it was possible so fast! A Big thanks to loki for the artwork!

Just 2 months back what had started out as a forum thread in Arch Linux Forum, now we have:

Website: http://www.archbang.org [A simple KISS design]

Forum: http://archbang.x.am

Git: http://gitorious.org/archbang

IRC: Server: irc.freenode.net Channel: #archbang

We are slowly but steadily progressing! Even though we are understaffed, the developers who volunteered to contribute towards this project are enthusiastically driving it forward. Some great improvements and new changes have occurred in the development as well as management side! I’m excited about the future releases of ArchBang!

Thanks to the users and supporters as well, we love you. And to the people “who don’t get the point”, we love you too. 🙂



[notice] ArchBang moves to a new /home

Ok guys if anyone is interested in maintaining the git tree let me know.

Due to requests, I decided maybe it’s time to have a roof of our own? Give the Arch Mods some rest. So went ahead created a forum: http://archbang.x.am

Post all your future ArchBang Related queries/bugs/feedbacks/suggestions/whatever there.

So far a few members have volunteered to sail the ArchBang ship forward! Thanks to them! Here’s hoping to a great future for ArchBang!;)



[announcement] Expanding the ArchBang Team

Hey Guys,

First of all a huge thank you from me [sHyLoCk] and Will [willxtreme] for your support,suggestions, feedbacks regarding ArchBang. We now have a little problem. Although it is not going to disrupt the project in anyway,in-fact it will do the project good!

While Will is busy with his studies and also got a job, I may have to leave soon as well and start my uni! We are both going to get very busy from the coming months! Despite the time problem we are going to stay attached to the project and try to work on it and make it better for everyone. Arch Linux as you know is a rolling release distro and ArchBang is nothing but openbox on top of it.While this may not sound like a “big deal” to most but here’s why we do it:

  • Arch Linux ISO releases are slow and has no static timeline. They try to release twice a year but that’s not a thumb rule. So using an old ISO [incase of a fresh or new install ] means older packages. You can always do a “bulk upgrade” using pacman -Syu, however the download size will be huge and also might be troublesome for many! Not everyone cares to read the announcements before updating and hence might get confused. [E.g.-> klibc-> busybox update]
  • Larger upgrades = More chance of breakage!
  • Provides a Live Desktop Environment to Arch Linux.
  • Installable since 2.00.Although only RC1 is out now. The installer is the simple Arch Linux installer.
  • Very fast and light being based on Arch and openbox, can be even copied to RAM and used.

We have received a huge response from not only the Arch Community but Crunchbang,Ubuntu and even LQ forum! We want this project to grow. That’s why we need your help! If you would like to participate in the following please let us know:

  • Developing
  • Documenting

So far we have 6 members in our team. 2 of whom help us with hosting.While Mr.Green and akurei have offered help we need more developers! The reason again being the darn time factor as akurei also will be busy in a few months. If you would like to help out in our project please leave a comment here along with your email address in this format [name at email dot com] to avoid spammers! If you know my email address or you are a member of ArchLinux forum then you can mail me, remember mail me [sHyloCk] and not Will [willxtreme]! He is very busy and offline for a while and won’t be able to reply you!

You should have knowledge about Arch Linux. Developing is not a challenging thing as it sounds, as long as you know a little bash and unix. As a developer you will decide what goes where and how to do things better! As a documentation writer your task would be to write README and CHANGELOG files for each releases and also to announce in various places.

It would be awesome to have a website of our own like ArchServer does the Arch Linux style,but no clue how to do that! Anyone?

Take Care and Have Fun!:)



[testing] ArchBang 2.00-RC1

Care to test the latest and the finest and the smoothest release yet? 😉

ArchBang now has an installer! That’s right! Besides copy2ram, we are introducing an installer with which you can install it on your hard disks! Did we n00bify it? Are we trying to re-invent the wheel? Are we making Arch “easier for the masses” like most graphical distributions? Heck no! We are keeping Arch as it is! K.I.S.S all the way! That old and familiar ncurses based installer,we can’t live without it! ❤

We need your help in testing this release! Do test it and give us your feedback. Please understand that we are short on staff, just two developers, so any voluntary testing and feedback will help us progress further.  🙂

Download: 32 Bit md5sum: d00be4c07ae844adbe26b8701a856d7e

Mirrors: 32Bit 32Bit 32Bit Torrent: 32Bit

Download: 64 Bit md5sum: be1e261b94a3e3b28e0a285708b7a423

Mirrors: 64Bit 64Bit Torrent: 64Bit









Create User

Arch config

Mkinitcpio in action




After install, if you can’t login to X,then re-install nvidia in following way:

pacman -Syy && pacman -Sd nvidia nvidia-utils --noconfirm

If you would just like to get to the desktop and you are ok with using the “nv” driver then:

X -configure && mv xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf && sed -i -e "s/nvidia/nv/" /etc/X11/xorg.conf

[release] ArchBang 1.05

click to enlarge image

Download: 64Bit [484Mb]


Download: 32Bit [487Mb]


We have been working on this for weeks now! Both I and Will were busy irl with various issues,from acads to social events. So we apologize for the delay.

What changes:

Please note that we would like to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU to everyone for their wonderful suggestions and feedbacks which is reflected in this release. While we try to consider everyone’s suggestions, sometimes they conflict with each other’s opinion! [like chromium and firefox 😛 ] Anyway, here are a few changes off the top of my head:

– Copy2RAM, persistence added 😉

– Chromium replaced by Firefox

Reasons: a) Namoroka rulez! b)arch-firefox-search c) No ootb issues with xcompmgr

– xorg-video-drivers added to cover a wide range of video cards! Nvidia users, do not worry, we won’t force you to use the “nv” driver, we have also added nvidia driver which will ask for your confirmation at the boot time.

– xfce4-power-manager and vattery applet added.

– wicd, netcfg and wvdial added by request!

– weechat replaces irssi

– rtorrent and searchmonkey back!

– xpdf & abiword added

What stays:

– thunar, even though there have been countless suggestions for pcmanfm, we found it pretty useless and annoying. Don’t even get me started!

– packer, no bauerbill, sorry Xyne! Someday when I personally try out bauerbill,maybe I’ll consider it.

Hopefully, this release will be super-awesome as our main objective was to bring out a release with a finishing touch to ArchBang 1.xx series, incorporating all the good suggestions and feedbacks we received and trying to address all the past issues. We have started working on an installer and it works in vbox!  No real testing made yet! Since this involves your hard disks and partitions and important data , we don’t wanna rush and fry up your hard disks and ours in the process! Lol! 😛

Hope you will be enjoying this release.


Please run this before upgrading your system, will be fixed in future:

sed -e 'N;$!P;$!D;$d' /etc/pacman.conf > temp ; sed -e 'N;$!P;$!D;$d' temp > temp ; sudo mv temp /etc/pacman.conf

Or just comment out custom repo from  /etc/pacman.conf


sHy [aka PDG]