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[screenshot] My Peaceful KDE Setup

KDE 4.3.3


[news] KDE 4.3.3 is here

One of the great perks of being an Archer is that you get to try out the latest of everything before everyone else. With the Maintenance release of KDE4.3.3 today, surely Arch Linux was ready to provide me with the brand new fresh KDE packages. All I had to do is a “pacman -Syu”.

Many non-Archers/Ubuntu users/People not familiar with rolling release model will go huh? :O That’s it? No new distro release? No re-installation? No formatting? Yup, that’s the beauty of Arch Linux being a Rolling release distribution. Kudos to KDE and Arch developers.

So the upgrade went smooth and then I recompiled the kde-extragear-plasmoids 4.3.3 from AUR. Don’t expect much changes since 4.3.2 as this is not a version upgrade but only a maintenance release. Enjoy the new KDE 4.3.3.